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Our mission is to provide the very best vision and eye health care to our patients. We know how much your vision, eye health and appearance can impact your quality of your life.

We work with the following Vision Care insurance plans:
• Retail Clerks Insurance
• Vision Service Plan (VSP)
Check your VSP eligibility at www.vsp.com
• Medicare

We can also assist you in recovering funds for your health insurance plan when you visit us for medical care of the eye.


We are located at:
8240 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046
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Office Hours:
10:00am - 3:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Closed Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays.

Types of Payment Accepted: We accept cash, ATM, MasterCard®, Discover and Visa®





Dr. Wheadon has extensive experience in troubleshooting and solving complex optical issues. Our contact lens service includes basic soft to complex RGP, and Synergeyes hybrid contact lens fittings.

We also consult on contact fittings for complex post-surgical needs and presbyopia. Next-day delivery of RGP contact lenses is often available.

In our office, we have a wide range of sophisticated diagnostic equipment, computer assisted refraction equipment, and experienced opticians to assist in attaining a comfortable fit of your eyewear and contact lenses.

Weho Optical

• Comprehensive eye exams
• Emergency eye care for injured and irritated eyes
• Family eye care, including exams for children
• Eyeglass prescription measurement
• Fitting of fashion prescription and non-prescription
• Fabrication of prescription eyeglass lenses

• Standard soft contact lenses
• Toric (astigmatism correcting) soft lenses
• Bifocal soft (and rigid contact) lenses
• RGP (rigid gas-permeable) contacts
• Complex RGP fitting (for conditions such as
  keratoconus and post-corneal and cataract
  surgery, etc.)
• Specialty theatrical lenses for television and film
• Synergeyes hybrid lenses (rigid centers with soft
  surrounding edges) for complex vision problems.
  Synergeyes lenses are available for various needs
  including bifocal, keratoconus and post-
  refractive surgery designs.
West Hollywood Optometrist


Weho Optical

We provide ocular disease evaluation with treatment in office and/or outside referral when requested, warranted or necessary. We are proud to work with some of the best eye surgeons in the region for vision correction care, cataract care, retinal diseases, treatment and repair, as well as other surgical specialty situations.


• Eye infections
• Eye allergies
• Dry eye syndrome
• Minor corneal and eyelid injuries
  and foreign bodies
• Eyelid infections and diseases
• Cataract and diabetic eye care
• Laser vision correction, including LASIK
  and PR, and consultation


Weho Optical

Getting the best correction for vision and eye comfort is more than buying a pair of prescription lenses and a frame to put on your face. We consider how you will use your eyeglasses. Do you use a computer all day? Do you require a different power for seeing far, the computer or to read? How does your vision affect your work and profession?

Lens materials, lens coatings and colors, glare protection, and protection against injury on the job and at home are just some of the considerations we make when recommending what is right for you.

Should you have a thin lens-what type, a progressive, a digital-free form lens, a safety or tinted lens, is polarization good? What do you really need? We can educate you and help you decide.

When we recommend a lens, we also consider past or potential future surgeries, vision problems from childhood, what your work environment demands, and even how strong your visual system is and what demands you put on the system every day.

Children and seniors both require specific considerations which must also be made when eyewear is designed and ordered.
And, of course, you must look and feel great!

Feel free to discuss your particular needs and likes when choosing a set of frame and lenses from us.


Weho Optical

Through decades of eye care experience, we have compiled a list of doctors to recommend for specialty health care, ocular health care, refractive surgery like Lasik, PRK and lens-exchange surgery.

We also refer for surgery to correct ocular muscle imbalance, droopy eyelids, pinguecula and pterygiums, and surgical improvement of keratoconus, and for the repair of retinal damage.

These fine specialists have proven their skill time and time again with excellent results to my patients. We are able to participate in your pre- and post -urgical needs with our referring doctors.

Feel free to discuss any concerns with us and we will make the appropriate referral.


We are pleased to offer a wide range of quality eyewear for our clients. We are sensitive to those looking for quality glasses on a modest budget (as well as the finest money can buy).

You may be pleasantly surprised by the spectrum of frames we carry, and should certainly be able to find something that fits well, feels great and looks fantastic! We carry a full line of frames by the following designers and eyewear manufacturers.
Dr. Wes Wheadon OD
Weho Optical
Dr. Wes Wheadon OD
Dr. Wes Wheadon OD
Wes Wheadon
WeHo Optical
Wes Wheadon OD
Dr. Wes Wheadon OD
Wes Wheadon OD
Wes Wheadon OD
Wes Wheadon OD
Weho Optical


Dr. Wes Wheadon OD Dr. Wheadon was born in Los Angeles, California. He attended UCLA and graduated with a BA in English. He completed his optometric training at Southern California College of Optometry earning a BS and OD. He is a member of the American Optometric Association, the California Optometric Association and the Los Angeles County Optometric Society. He is an emeritus staff Optometrist at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.
Dr. Wheadon is TPA certified which means he is licensed to treat many different eye conditions such as infections, allergies, foreign bodies, glaucoma and dry eye syndrome. He also coordinates care for those interested in refractive surgery like LASIK, cataract surgery and other surgical eye conditions.

Away from work, Dr. Wheadon enjoys travel, cooking, Egyptian art and history, music recording, figure skating, home remodeling and computer video production.
Dr. Wheadon practices in West Hollywood, where he strives to provide the highest quality personalized service to his patients.

Check out Dr. Wheadon's documentary film
"When Bette Met Mae"
When Bette met Mae Movie


Dr. Wes Wheadon OD

Working with professionally trained opticians is your best solution for getting proper fit and function from your eyeglasses. We are proud to have trained opticians with more than 40 years of combined experience on staff in the optical department of our office.

Eyeglass sales people in many stores are not necessarily career opticians, and you would be wise to ask any sales person about their background before you place anything as precious as your vision in their hands.

Barbara and George are dedicated to getting your eyeglasses made with precision, proper fit, and great comfort and looks. They greet each new patient with dedication and experience to achieve the best set of glasses that can be made for you.

George will spend the time necessary to guide you through the process of ordering a proper frame for your prescription, comfort and working needs. He will follow the manufacture process and finalize the fit on the day you come to pick up your glasses.

Barbara is a specialist in the needs of any office worker and computer user. She has a particular flair for assisting in the ordering and proper fit of glasses used every day at the office. As a golfer, she also knows the needs of any player who must wear visual correction, which helps get the ball in the hole!
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